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    1. Welcome to the official website of Huaian Depon Chemical Co., Ltd. !


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      Mainstream manufacturer of anisole with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons
      Gather Talents through Morality, Develop through Technology


      Ether series

      Pesticide intermediate

      Other intermediates

      m-Dimethoxy benzene

      Products picture
      Molecular formula C8H10O2
      Structural formula
      Properties clear colorless liquid, m.p.: -52°C, b.p.: 216.5-217.7°C, specific weight: 1.07, insoluble in water, miscible with alcohols, benzene, ethers and chloroform.
      Quality Index clear colorless liquid, purity >99%, water <0.1%, phenol <200PPM.
      Packing 200KGS/plastic drum
      Production Capacity 500 tons/year


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